Fuelwood guide

Prime Coppice hosted an AONB funded training day on making the most of your fuelwood in November 2014. Download this useful guide to heating with woodfuel, produced as part of the training day here 

There are sections on:

  • Why heat with wood
  • wood as a fuel
  • stacking drying and storing wood
  • Economics of burning wood
  • Burning wood efficiently
  • Buying logs
  • Resources
  • Fuelwood poems

Resource Library

We have been building up our own resource library on woodland management, coppicing, and sustainability and are keen to share what we have learnt. Some of the documents and website that we have found useful are below:

If you have links that you think might be of interest please do send them to us by email and we will post them up.


Horse Logging

Horses are often the best way to extract timber on environmentally sensitive sites like Prime Coppice. We have been working with Hereford horse logger Crunchie to extract Ash and Oak over the winter, we were amazed at how fast and efficient the horses were. Have a look at Crunchies website http://www.crunchiescobs.co.uk/

You can find out more about horse logging at the British Horse Loggers website http://www.britishhorseloggers.org/