We provide quality seasoned firewood that can be a varied mix of oak, ash, hazel, willow and soft wood subject to client demands either for burning on an open fire, chimera, barbeque or wood burner.

We can also provide kindling and wood chunks for use on the fire, barbeque or as kindling. Please support our local firewood that is sustainably sourced and extracted using low impact techniques that don’t damage biodiversity or create lots of wood road miles.

We can provide in net bags, by the cubic metre loose on loads or in specially vented net-bags that we can move on a trolley.


Our charcoal is all made locally on site from our sustainably managed wood, and is ideal for barbeques and cooking on to provide that lovely barbeque flavour and at the same time saving the worlds forests from deforestation and unsustainable extraction.

Wood chunks

Derelict coppice is often burnt creating carbon and wasting a natural resource – we use a new technology to create bags of wood chunked hazel, great for getting a fire going we can provide wood chunks in specially vented net bags,

Coppice Products:

  • Beanpoles
  • Pea fans
  • Hurdles
  • Thatching spars and gads
  • Hazel rods as fence posts
  • Cleft Ash and Oak gates
  • Wood for spoon making

Quality Ash and Oak for greenwood working

We can supply fantastic green or seasoned ash and oak for sawing or splitting to make green products such as chairs, gates, handles and a range of other products. Some of our Ash coppice stools are over 300 hundred years old and contain over 15 stems of beautiful straight ash.

Wacky wood in interesting shapes

We can supply all sorts of interesting bits of wood for wood turners and craft makers for turning and carving.

Please contact us for availability and prices, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07778525816